SAVATAGE – Gutter Ballet

Without a doubt one of the most poignant and strongest pieces of the band, taken from an incredible album that marks the evolution from their classic heavy metal imprint. Fans turned up their noses to the new sound and style, despite this, it opened the doors to a new audience. Gutter Ballet was released on December 1st, 1989.

The opening song “Gutter Ballet” refers to the brutal reality of the metropolitan streets; describing on one hand the problem of “rage and war”, what you see every day passing by through the streets and how it is impossible for you to react and make a difference. How inhospitable the streets can be. But on the other hand, you can still see and sense how wonderful, peaceful, welcoming the city can be with its sprawling energy. It feels as if the words come from someone deeply while walking through a big city. The piano intro seems to transport you to a city that is coming to life, watching the sunrise over the skyscrapers that giving you hope and comfort, but there, in a jolt, the guitar rumbles, the nightmare begins, the dream shatters into a madhouse, the creepy shadows of the night emerge from the streets taking you too, to the Gutter Ballet!

“Balanced on their knives
Little parts of lives
Such a strange reality
Kill the unicorn
Just to have its horn
Soon he’s just a fantasy
It’s a Gutter Ballet”.

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